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Prescription Drug Coverage

We want to help reduce the price of out-of-pocket pharmacy expenses. Seniors’ Healthcare Solutions is here to guide you through the steps of prescription drug coverage.

To experience the benefits of receiving Medicare prescription drug coverage, you must purchase a plan through a recommended Medicare insurance company. Understanding the differences between each Medicare Part D can be difficult — we’re here to assist and explain the nuances of each plan.

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Perks of Prescription Drug Coverage

You get access to a broad network of pharmacies.
You benefit from competitive discounts.
You can receive prescription by-mail service.
You can take part in medical therapy management programs.

Prescription Drug Coverage — Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any potential penalties?

A late enrollment penalty is a potential risk if you decide to not join a Medicare drug plan when you’re first eligible.

What is a Medicare Prescription Drug plan?

Occasionally referred to as “PDPs”, these plans add drug coverage provided by Original Medicine along with some Medicare Private-for-Service (PFFS plans), Medicare Cost Plans, Medicare Medical Savings (MSA) plans.

What is are Medicare Advantage Plans (HMOs or PPOs)?

Medicare Advantage Plans and other similar plans offer prescription drug coverage. With these plans, you receive part A, part B, and prescription drug coverage, which is known as Part D.

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